P r i c i n g

***Floppy Floofs Kittens are pet priced $1200 - $1800 *unless otherwise indicated. 


***Older Kittens who we kept back as potential Sires or Dams are priced at $1000 - $1200.


*****Retired Breeders - We are looking for the perfect homes for these mamas and papas. They have given us stunning babies, and they deserve the best families. We only rehome retired breeders who make excellent candidates as pets. If you are the perfect match for one of our retired adults, we will work with you on pricing. We do have a waiting list for our retired mamas and papas. Contact us to get on our list. 


Transport/Delivery Options

We at Floppy Floofs offer a variety of transport options to safely and securely get your baby into your arms. We are located in Northern Minnesota, and for many of our clients, that is far away. Because of that, we offer the following delivery/transportation options. See details below.


Minnesota Clients or Meet at the Minnesota Border

We offer door-to-door delivery to our Minnesota clients for a small fee to cover expenses.

If you are willing to drive to the Minnesota border, we will meet you with your kitten for a small fee to cover expenses.   


Door-to-Door Delivery

Door to Door Delivery is a luxury service offered for a fee within a 500 mile radius of Floppy Floofs. Your kitten will ride with us from our door to yours and be handed to you at your home. * This option may not be available during December/January/February. This option is not available to Canada at this time.


Flight Nanny

Your kitten will be escorted by an experienced flight nanny to your nearest major airport, where your kitten will be handed to you.
We will make all the arrangements and provide a soft carrier for you to transport your baby home from the airport. 
Payment for
this service happens at the time you receive your kitten. The cost of this service is $650 for one kitten. 
We love when a pair of our kittens to go to the same home, and
our flight nannies offer special pricing for two.




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